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Abgeschickt von Chris Richards am 05 Februar, 2002 um 17:52:43

Just got some cool live tapes in the mail via a trade I made, and one of them is the first live recording of Schicke, Fuhrs and Frohling (barring the live tracks on the Complete Works Of... set) I've ever heard. For those not familiar with SFF, they were a mid 70's German trio. Eduard Schicke was the drummer/percussionist, the late Gerd Fuhrs (anyone know how to make a PC put the little dots over a lower case letter U?) was the keyboardist, while Heinz Frohling played guitar, bass (he used a doubleneck constructed from a Les Paul Standard guitar and a Rickenbacker 4001 bass) and keyboardist. If you're a Mellotron fan and you haven't heard their first two albums, you're definitely missing out. I dunno if the Complete Works set is still available, but it was issued in the mid 90's on a label called The Laser's Edge. I know they have a webpage, but I can't remember the URL. If anyone knows it, could you post it? Anyway, back to this live SFF live tape. It is purportedly from Papenberg, Germany, the only info given to me about it is that it's from 75, exactly WHEN, I don't know. If the information given in the Complete Works set is true, this would then predate the release of their first album. They do material such as Tao and some of the other tunes from that first album, and I think there may also be some unreleased pieces (the one I'm listening to now I don't recognise, but I haven't listened to the second or third albums in a long time, so they could be tracks from one or the other and I just don't realise it). The sound quality is pretty good for a 25 year old recording that is who knows how many generations from the master tape! I can't make up my mind if this is an audience, soundboard, or FM broadcast. The latter two would be difficult to distinguish (unless an announcer came on in the middle of a song or something) but the former, usually, there's audience noise, and the only audience noise I hear on this one is BETWEEN the songs (but then, they say European audiences are real polite, like in a classical performance). Anyway, so far, this strikes me as a real jewel of a live tape I've found! I give two thumbs up (I'd give it more, but I only have two)! NP: SFF "Pictures" (Papenberg, Germany ?/?/75)


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