SFF Featured on Philadelphia Radio Saturday Night

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Abgeschickt von Tom Gagliardi of 88.9FM Philadelphia am 20 Februar, 2004 um 20:13:00

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Join the GAGLIARCHIVES Saturday night at 10pm Eastern Time, for program 836, as we feature an exclusive interview with Rich Williams of Kansas...Rich joins us as Kansas makes their way to Patriots Theater in Trenton, NJ Saturday Night. We'll feature the new edition of Erik Norlander's 1997 classic Threshold featuring exclusive bonus cuts...we'll feature a new live album from classic Italian band Campo Di Marte featuring performances from 1972 and 2003...new excellent post-jazz release from Cuneiform Records project The Claudia Quintent titled I, Claudia...a new archive release from the MIO records label and Israeli project Plantina and The Girl With The Flaxen Hair CD...our Letter Of The Week spotlights Cuneiform band Guapo...concery spotlights on Opeth and The Musical Box as they make their way to Philadelphia this week...and classics from FM and the Head Room Direct To Disc album from 1977...a spotlight on legendary German symphonic band Schike, Fuhrs, and Frohling from the Laser's Edge...Lenny White and his 1977 album Big City featuring an all star line up of musicians...and Todd Rundgren's classic from 1974 Utopia.


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